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Expandora Pedals

Let's Rock!

Awesome tone! That's what its all about!  Crunch, Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz.  Great tone and articulation!  Hear all your notes all the time!  Super harmonics and distortion.   Get the tone!

The Expandora Vintage Reissue is a fresh recreation of the vintage round Expandora from decades ago.  The circuit is faithful to the original pedal design, including Crunch, Overdrive, Distortion and Fuzz modes.  However the mode switches on this version are right on the face of the pedal for easy access.  

Enhancements have been made to the original schematic for improved headroom.  There are tweaks to create a thicker, less buzzy tone.  And we have added enhanced power filtering for less noise when connected to a standard power supply.  The Expandora is made with pride in the USA.  This pedal rocks!

Round with Box - White - 16dec2020.jpg

All Expandora pedals work

great with Guitar, Bass,

Keyboards, and everthing else!

FF Fuzz & Bass with Box white bkgrnd.jpg

Expandora Vintage Reissue

The Expandora Vintage Reissue is a loving recreation of the

original spec pedal in a shiny round enclosure.  CNC machined

from exquisite aluminum billet, the Expandora Vintage Reissue

is metalwork at its finest! Classy external mini-toggle switches are utilized to select between the four modes... just like the original... but without the need to open up the bottom of the pedal!  Amazing tone!   

  • Offered with a variety of Vintage and Modern chip sets!

  • Two Single Op Amp Chips (socketed for easy swapping)​

    • LM308N or LM308AN National Semiconductor (Vintage NOS)

    • LM308 Motorola (Vintage NOS - Very Rare!)

    • Russian Vintage NOS LM308 Equivalents KR140UD1408

    • OP07 - Modern chip used in current "rat"

    • TL071 - NOS chipset with a warmer lower gain tone

  • Original spec RC4558 Dual Op Amp (socketed for easy swapping)

  • Original spec 2n3906 Transistor (socketed for easy swapping)

  • Original spec silicon Clipping Diodes

  • Made in the USA

The Forbidden Fuzz

When we started seeing customers buying a second Expandora to strictly keep on the Fuzz mode, we decided to make a new Fuzz pedal to scratch that itch.   But once we got through the alchemy of mixing up a new Fuzz circuit, we wound up with so much more!   A monster Fuzz machine with amazing tone sculpting capabilities!

With both toggle switches to the left, you start off with the Fuzz tone of the Expandora Vintage Reissue.   Dime the Fuzz and Voltz knobs and you get the same glorious glitchy Expandora Fuzz.   Turn down the Voltz knob, and you get a variable sweep of stability injected into the Fuzz.  Turn the Voltz all the way to the left, and you get a singing, sustaining fuzz that is to die for! 

Slap that Tone switch to the right to engage the Level and Tone knobs.   This activates the Tone stack, and kicks in an additional Gain stage.   The Level and Fuzz knob are now working together to provide complete control over the amount and type of Fuzz.   The Tone control is so interactive that there are incredible and useful tones throughout the entire range of the knob.

The FAT switch adds a meaty punch to the gut under any of the above settings.     And unlike many other Fuzz pedals, this one is super responsive to riding the volume control on your guitar.   Roll back the juice for some tasty articulate rhythm work.  Then roll on the meat for soaring Fuzzerific solos! 

Forbidden Fuzz Bass

The Forbidden Fuzz Bass takes the sonic formula from the original FF pedal and injects a ton of low end.  Unlike other Bass Fuzzes that lose the low end, or simulate the lower frequencies by reintroducing dry signal back into the mix, the Forbidden Fuzz Bass has gobs of natural booming Fuzzalicious low end.   Of course you can dial this out if you want to.  But its there is spades if you want to feel the thunder!

The same control configuration is here.   Fuzz... and Voltz, which controls the glitchiness of the Fuzz.   A bypassable Tone stack with an additional gain stage.  And the venerable Fat switch to strengthen the punch to the gut!   We use NOS BC108 transistors for a huge and warm fuzz tone.  Custom voiced components are employed to create a Fuzz made specifically for Bass players.

This is a super responsive and articulate Fuzz with lots of tone sculpting options, and heaps of gloriously natural low end.   Shake the earth!  

Expandora "Squared" 

The Expandora Squared is our standard production line pedal.   

It includes all of the same circuitry and features of all Expandora pedals.  However, it is custom made in batches with all of the standard specs.  

  • OP07 Single Op Amp Chipset (socketed for easy swapping)

  • Original spec RC4558 Dual Op Amp (socketed for easy swapping)

  • Original spec 2n3906 Transistor (socketed for easy swapping)

  • Original spec silicon Clipping Diodes

  • Made in the USA

Expandora "Squared" 


The Expandora Squared Custom pedals are made one at a time by hand.   We utilize a variety of vintage and modern component options to customize the tone of each pedal.  A larger enclosure is utilized to allow the use of vintage chipsets and additional switching options.   

  • Choice of OP07, TL070, LM308 and other Single Op Amp Chips for a vintage or more modern tone (subject to availability)

  • A wide variety of silicon, germanium, LED and other Clipping Diodes

  • Optional Vintage/Modern clipping toggle switch

  • Optional Trapezoid Enclosure 

  • Made in the USA


Gold and Silver Limited Edition Vintage Reissues

For a limited time, we are offering the Vintage Reissue pedals in a Gold or Silver anodized finish, with white laser engraved labels!

The "Silver" Edition has an aesthetic more reminiscent of the original Vintage Expandora pedal. The lettering has been laser engraved in white to more closely resemble the subtle recessed letters of the original. 

The "Gold" Edition is ...   well its Gold baby!  

  • These editions feature OP07 Single Op Amp Chips. Tighter gain with more punch than the vintage chips!

  • Made in the USA

Original Circuit Design

Expandora's circuit remains faithful to the original schematics for that vintage tone you love! 

Tone Tweaking! 

Expandora has easily accessible socketed chipset.  This will allow the more adventurous tone tweakers the option to try out alternate chipsets without soldering!

The Expansion Circuit

The Expandora employs a unique Opto Coupler chip to provide its famous expansion circuitry.   The result is a rich and creamy tone, with deep harmonic overtones, and luscious controllable feedback

Mode Switching Options

All Expandora models have the mode switches on the front of the pedal for ease of use

Circuit Enhancements

The original circuit has been tweaked to remove the buzzy highs associated with the original pedals, as well as add more headroom to the Level control.  We have also added enhanced noise filtering to provide noise free operation with a standard power supply

Vintage Reissue

The Expandora Vintage Reissue's enclosure has been painstakingly crafted from Billet Aluminum.  A gorgeous premium pedal build with the looks to match its amazing tone!


Expandora Guitar Demo

Expandora Vintage Reissue BASS Demo

Forbiddine Fuzz Guitar Demo

Expandora Bass Demo

Expandora Squared Pedal - Bass Demo

- by Alex Jansen

Our friends at DiPinto Guitars get the Fuzz on with the Expandora!

Expandora Guitar Demo

Expandora Squared 02 - WHITE BKGRND.jpg

Expandora Squared Design:

Level & Gain Controls

External Mode Switching

Highly Interactive 

Tone Control

Bypass Footswitch

Input and Output Jacks


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